Monday, January 14, 2008

The Shuttle Brothers

One of the advantages of having a broken arm is that I am forced to do more reading than experimental tatting. I'm one of those people who skims the directions, jumps right in, and then becomes frustrated when things don't work right. That's exactly what happened when I first purchased Tatting the GR-8 Self-closing Mock Ring, designed and illustrated by the Shuttle Brothers, published in 1999. I mainly bought the book because I had purchased one of their shuttles... a natural progression in my mind! I admit, my half-baked effort at trying this technique left me so frustrated that I didn't open the book again until this weekend... and I'm glad I did!

There is true tatting genius displayed in this book. My mind is reeling with possibilities! Some of the older patterns that I have might be able to be reworked so that I don't need to cut, tie, and hide ends as often! And, the person to rework those patterns could be me! I know that I will be looking at my older tatting books with renewed interest!

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