Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's amazing!

I now have four 5th grade girls learning to tat! Guess who's teaching them? If you guessed 3rd graders, you are right!

When do we get our work done? Before taking time for tatting, of course! The kids come in for about 10 minutes after lunch every day, and then if they finish all their required library/computer work, there's usually about 10 minutes at the end of class, time for reading, research, or tatting! I don't have time to help everyone with those time constraints, but I am able to teach a few at a time, and those few help their classmates. The kids are very good about helping each other. They're even learning to recognize their mistakes, and they're figuring out how to correct them. It's wonderful to see them all working together!

Kate has been practicing her picots, earning an adorable tatted spider!

Delaney has absolutely perfected Fancy Pants! I was very flattered that she chose a two layer flower that I tatted.

What have I been up to, you ask?

Why, I've started another Spinning Wheel, of course! That size 20 Flora was just crying to be made into a Spinning Wheel!


  1. It's great to see all the progress!! :)
    Another glass mat...who would have guessed? (winks) :)

  2. An awesome teacher give rise to awesome kids! The kids are doing great! :)

  3. It's great that the children can are able and willing to help each other. Good way to learn!

  4. Gosh you have super kids, Helping each other to learn, tatting really has taken off in your school, they are making great progress.
    Another spinning wheel mat, how many do you think you might tat this year?

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  6. Kids teaching kids....that's great!!! I sometimes have trouble teaching grown ups!!

  7. It's great that the kids are teaching one another. This will blossom and explode! Yay to more tatters!

  8. This is such fun to enjoy seeing there work, and it is great that you have time to tat something for yourself!

  9. Kids helping one another just warms my heart! Bless You Diane Dear...

  10. I always reading your reports of teh children tatting. You are doing wonderfully to perk their interest in tatting. Tatting will not be 'lost' anymore.


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