Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Turning chains into rings

I thought about posting last night, but I fell asleep in my chair instead!

Thanks to an email and pattern from Carollyn, I decided to show my third graders how to turn a chain into a ring. They'll be learning to tat real rings soon!


I am so pleased with the progress these kids are making!

We had our fifth snow day today, something that hasn't happened since the year before I started teaching. I chose to knit, and I managed to finish my Saroyan scarf. It needs to be blocked, but I'm very pleased with the way it turned out. I actually managed to follow the directions this time!

I like this pattern so much, I started another one soon after finishing this one!


  1. That great Diane! and love the knitting I ordered some yarn I have had a pattern I been wanting to do for a while now and this extra winter makes this desire stronger!

  2. I love your Saroyan! I have that pattern 'faved' on Ravelry.
    Are you on Ravelry? 'Friend' me if you are..!


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