Saturday, February 22, 2014

I give up!

I've spent the past hour trying to catch up on reading blogs, and I still have 136 to go. I can't do it, so I give up! I need to get back into my morning routine of reading blogs while I have my morning coffee. A little bit here, a little bit there, and soon I have caught up with all my friends in the blogosphere. Somehow, I've lost my routine and I must get it back! I've marked all posts as read, and I'm starting with a clean slate. Let's see how I do this week! ;-)

My little tatters are progressing nicely!

Paige has been using the thread and shuttles she purchased at Hobby Lobby to make bunches of rings. She's hoping to get more for her birthday... Diane the Enabler strikes again! ;-)

Shelby practiced her rings on one continuous thread. Isn't her little purse adorable? Several of the girls have these little bags for carrying their works-in-progress. They also have larger bags for holding their samples and prizes. I might have to go shopping for one of these little purses. They are so adorable!

Owen finished his six inches of Fancy Pants and claimed the tiny tatted bumble bee that he fell in love with. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture. The four 5th grade girls have been practicing, but are not ready to show their progress yet. 

I'm making slow progress on my hanky edging...

and my Spinning Wheel. Why? To be honest, I've spent too much time playing games on my iPad. My grandson got me started on Hay Day, which he no longer plays. I am totally addicted to harvesting crops, producing and selling goods, and moving on to higher levels. One of the teacher aides at school finally got me to try Candy Crush... stay away! Danger! Danger! Why do I feel the need to earn a Sugar Crush? Maybe it's because after playing with all that candy, I have no desire to eat sweets. I think it's time to unplug!


  1. They are doing so well and it is cute how they put there hands in the picture, good Idea only people that know them will recognize them and it like a signature too! And with your projects getting done too, this means your are a great teacher cause you know how to delegate! :)

  2. Phew, it's hard to keep up with everything!

  3. I agree with Jane! It's hard to keep up with you! I can't believe how MUCH you accomplish each day! (I know you not only read but comment on many blogs!) And teaching these children is so wonderful! Look at those rings! Plus you're helping the economy! Purchases of shuttles, purses, thread, etc! I'm sure several of your students will become lifelong tatters! I'm also amused at the computer games you play! You are delightfully young at heart! And - oh, yes - you're working on two tatting projects.

  4. From one hay day farmer to another, let me know what your farm is called and I will look out for you. Mine is Margaret's farm and neighbourhood, you are welcome to join my neighbourhood if you are not in one.
    Right back to tatting, lovely edging i can see you have done some and the mat is coming along, I am surprised you find time with all your school tatters to find time to tat.
    Well done to all the kids they are doing so well.

  5. You must be a truly awesome tatting teacher!!! :)
    Hope you find time to get caught up on your projects and blogs!! :)

  6. I've started with a clean slate, too, when I was overloaded. It feels good to take the pressure off.
    I love your enabling of young tatters, and I really love that little purse!

  7. Congratulations to each and every student who is practicing and doing so well with tatting. That tiny purse is adorable. Tatting Bliss...


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