Monday, February 17, 2014

Catching up

It's been a busy weekend! Friday, Dave and I celebrated Valentine's Day by taking our car in for its 25,000 mile check-up, and then we went out for dinner. It really was nice to spend time together without feeling like we needed to be working on chores around the house. By the time we arrived home, I was too tired to post about the kids' progress.

Saturday was chore day, and I simply did not think about a blog post. Sunday was spent with friends, so again, no time for blogging. Thank goodness we had today off!

The kids are going gang busters!

I forgot to take a picture of Paige's choice for her Thursday achievement... one of Stephanie's beaded beauties!

Paige loves making picots, as you can see. For this achievement, she chose Sarah's heart.

Grace chose the hummingbird for her second round of Fancy Pants.

Kate chose the sea horse for her long, long chain!

What do you do when a ball of thread escapes from you? Rewind it, of course!

Denise stopped by the school and dropped off butterflies and necklaces for the kids. They were so excited! Thank you, Denise!

There will be even more excitement tomorrow when I show them what Miranda sent! Thank you, Miranda!

Yes, I've been tatting as well. Maybe tomorrow I'll have time to blog about what I'm doing! ;-)


  1. Dear LLL, what are fancie pants ,please?

  2. Fancy Pants is the title of a book by Donna Edwards. It's my way of telling the kids that they are making the double stitch correctly. In Donna's book, she explains that when the double stitch is formed correctly, it looks like two pants legs and a waist band. The kids really seem to understand the term, and they love saying that they are tatting Fancy Pants!

  3. Thank you Tally Tatty for asking that question cuz' I am sure others(including me) have been wondering too! And thank you Diane for answering cuz' I guessed right!! :)
    Looks like such a fun learning time and it looks like someone will be tatting picot laden projects in the future!! :)

  4. Oh how I wish I was in your school taking tatting classes. If I knew how to tat I would love to donate some treasures for the kids. Do you need other items? Creative Bliss Dear...

  5. The kids are doing so well, you must be proud of them. I would love to visit them to see them tatting must be the only thing your library is used for.


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