Sunday, February 2, 2014

Getting ready...

to share goodies with the third graders! Carollyn sent some tatted pieces that her daughter stitched to little cards. Aren't they adorable? Thank you Carollyn!

I have a weakness for Whitman Sampler tins, and if I'm honest, I like the chocolate too!

Don't you think it's a great tin for holding tatted goodies for the kids?

It snowed all day yesterday, and while I did get some tatting done, I mainly worked on my newest scarf. I'm knitting another "Saroyan" by Liz Abinante. Now that I know what I'm doing with the pattern, I really like it. Maybe I'll even block this one!


  1. Oh wow they said Monday so that great and I love that tin it's perfect! And I really want to knit something too. yours looks warm and love the color!

  2. I love how it's becoming a community project! Splendid tin, just the job for keeping tatting in. Your scarf is going to be lovely. A pattern does become easier and more enjoyable with familiarity.

  3. What a beautiful tin and perfect for the kids goodies.
    Those are beautiful goodies from Carollyn.
    Your scarfs are going to look beautiful, lovely colours

  4. What adorable little cards from Carollyn and her daughter, and yes that pretty tin is the perfect place to store them! I bet the kids are just loving you for teaching them this wonderful craft, and I bet their moms will start asking for lessons themselves!...There is no better teacher than you Diane, they are very lucky! Your motifs are so beautiful, and so is your knitting! xoxo ...I was doing a bit of catching up reading the posts I missed, and those "sun dogs" are amazing. I've never seen or heard of anything like that. Wow!!!

  5. So kind of Carollyn to send you all those cards. Spotted my sunflower! And those cats are adorable.
    As for the tin, can you ever have enough for storage?

  6. Lots of great goodies for the new tatters!! :)


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