Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Practicing picots

Dylan and Shelby went to town practicing picots over the weekend!

Dylan chose a motif that I tatted.

Shelby chose a motif from Carollyn.

The girls did a great job keeping their picots uniform in size, and I can tell that they really like choosing their on thread colors.

I haven't accomplished much on the tatting front. I've been letting mundane things like cooking, laundry, and sleep take over my life. ;-)

I did manage to tat Doodad Snowflake #1 (minus the doodad). Think how much I could accomplish if I didn't fall asleep in my chair at night!


  1. Wonderful job on those beginning picots!!! :)
    Love your blue snowflake!! :)

  2. Yes that snowflake has great balance!
    Dylan and Shelby are doing very well!I love Tatting!

  3. Nice picots! Yes, it's a shame we have to sleep sometimes.

  4. How exciting that the kids are so excited about tatting! Pat on the back to all the kids learning how to make those fancy pants - and picots!
    Snowflake looks good, too. Those falling around here are much smaller and colder :-)


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