Saturday, June 7, 2014

New love

Yes, I have a new love... my Saori loom! Mom has been weaving on a Saori loom for several months, and I loved everything she wove. A few weeks ago, an early birthday present arrived... my very own loom!

I've used a pin loom and a Cricket loom before, and years ago a tried a floor loom that belonged to a friend of mine. I do pretty well with a pin loom, and the Cricket loom is very portable. I felt like I was totally inept when I tried my friend's floor loom. This loom is different, and I don't know how to explain it. Maybe it's the philosophy behind it... there are no mistakes when weaving on a Saori loom. I don't have to worry about whether I'm weaving correctly or not, because I am expressing myself.

It's taken me three full weeks, but I've finally finished my first piece!

No, it didn't take me three weeks to weave this. It took me three weeks to get up the courage to try on my own! Mom will be here to visit in a week, and I really thought I needed her looking over my shoulder to make sure I was weaving correctly.

I have the best Mom in the world! She has been encouraging me to be brave and enjoy my Saori loom since it arrived three weeks ago. It took me a week to put the loom together, because I was afraid I'd do something wrong. If I had been brave, I could have had it together in less than a half hour. The second week, I read about Saori, watched videos, and gathered yarns for weaving.

A week ago, I decided I was ready to weave, but I let all sorts of things keep me from starting. What a fool I've been! I had so much fun weaving yesterday.

Yes, I have a new love! Will it take the place of tatting? No, but I now have another fiber art that I truly enjoy. As much as I love tatting, there are times when I do have to stop. My wrist just gets tired. Just think... now I can create beautiful fabric that I might be able to embellish with tatting!


  1. I love the piece. Happy weaving!

  2. I love the piece. Happy weaving!

  3. Oh wow, well done for taking the plunge and getting weaving! Congratulations on completing your first piece. Your mum will be proud of you.

  4. My Grandmother Stella was a weaver as well as a tatter, she made the most beautiful rugs on her floor well as smaller items like place mats and coasters and things on her smaller looms (one of which I have but have not put together in an age). I have 3 of her rugs in my home...they last for a really long time and add such warmth and beauty. I love your woven piece...really lovely!!!

  5. Very cool! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with your new love.


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