Friday, June 6, 2014

How do you store your tatting?

I have oodles of storage solutions, which all need to be organized... and they will be this summer. I'm determined! My sewing room has been a disaster for several years, but I've been inspired to clean it up because of my tatting students. I will be holding tatting lessons at my house this summer, and I want to be able to show the kids different ways to use tatting. To do that, I have to be able to find my supplies!

In the meantime, the kids have been showing me their storage solutions...

Peyton and Dylan have jewelry bags from Thirty-one that keep their supplies super organized.

Several of the girls received decorative boxes from their Girl Scout leaders... stars, hearts, and mini-suitcases.

It's so much fun seeing how these kids carry their tatting around!

I am so pleased that the kids keep practicing their tatting. I don't care how much thread they use. I don't care how long it takes them to complete something. Their enthusiasm is fantastic, and I know that as they perfect techniques, they will be inspired to learn more.

Picots are the rage right now, and "tie-dye" colors are the kids' favorite!

Madison designed this "diamond" ring, and the other girls have been tatting them like crazy! I was even given one, which I've been wearing proudly!

I'm going to miss taking pictures of all these tatting hands at my desk. Maybe I'll find a new spot to take pictures for the summer.

Kate turned one of her prizes into a necklace, using Lizbeth Twirlz for the chain.

Now that Carter has caught on to Fancy Pants, there's no stopping him! He loves making picots, and yesterday he asked me to show him how to tat rings.

Three first graders have joined the tatting frenzy. Jaden's cousin Tyler, Ava's cousin Madison, and Dominic's sister Paige are in third grade. These kids have wonderful, inspirational relatives! They've all asked if they can attend my tatting classes this summer... of course they may!


  1. Wonderful storage solutions and I'm enjoying seeing all the enthusiasm. Makes me want to attend tatting classes at your house this summer, too!


  2. I wonder what the 'tatting' section in ebay will look like in 2064,....

  3. You and the kids are all wonderful encouragement!!! :)

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  5. Well, the children look very organized, good luck to you with your own organization!

  6. Glad to see the kids are already thinking about storage! The container people love me because I've bought every kind and size out there! I like the roll-up jewelry containers with all the clear pockets plus they have hangers and can be 'hidden away' in the closet!

    I also have 'tub containers' for carrying my displays back and forth to shows and a large suitcase on wheels for all the tablecloths and small quilted items (tree skirt, runners, wall hangings.

    The kids would find it amusing that my official tatting box is actually a plastic Crayola carrying case (the size of a briefcase and 3" high). It's handy to 'grab and go' and has room for everything I need, plus being bright pink it's easy to spot!

  7. Sounds like you'll be having a very busy summer! It must be an infectious enthusiasm that's making the rounds at your school. ;-)
    Great tatting storage ideas. When do we see yours?

  8. Hi, I'm fairly new to tatting. Can you tell me what type of thread of the the kids are using? Is it embroidery floss? If many stands?? That would open up a lot more color options. :-)


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