Friday, June 20, 2014

Weaving with Grandma Green

All four of my daughters, and all five of my grandchildren were at my house yesterday. We had a great visit! The best part of the day was weaving with my mom. Weaving is mom's passion, and yes, she has me hooked!

While I was running errands, Ella convinced Grandma Green to weave a silk purse for her. When I returned home, I sewed it together and added the buttons that Ella chose.

Ella wore her new bag all day long!

Eva made barefoot sandals with her Rainbow Loom. Ella decided to join in the crafting fun and made a bracelet with yarn and buttons.

Once Mom starts weaving, she finds it difficult to stop. It's a good thing she chose this yarn, because she discovered that I had made several mistakes in warping the loom. She showed me how to correct my mistakes, and I now know what to do to fix my mistakes.

Eva fell in love with it, and now it has a new home!

I wanted to make a bag that everyone had taken part in weaving. I didn't get pictures of Mom or me weaving, but I think I managed to get everyone else, even daughter Carol who refuses to be drawn to "the dark side." I had everyone weave in age order so that I could easily remember who wove each section. Everyone chose yarn from my stash and wove an inch or two.

The Grandma Green Weavers
The final piece is a little too large for a bag, so I think I'll turn it in to a wall hanging instead. Mom's is the read at the top, and you can see the progression of colors. Aidan and Lily chose the same color, so we divided their weaving with two rows of lime green... very cool!

Lily and Eva chose colors for two more bags, so I guess we'll be setting up the loom again after breakfast. Then, this afternoon... tatting!


  1. Wonderful post and photos! Thank you!


  2. What a lovely family you have, Diane!It is great that your grandchildren work together with their great grandma.
    Little Ella shows that weaving is not That easy.

    I hope that they can all tat!

  3. Love the pictures such fun! I wonder when most households had a loom, was any one a little sad to see it go, or miss the togetherness they shared? Did things get better? Or did we lose some Family time and go separate ways?

  4. It sounds like a great family day :). Your family is beautiful. :)

  5. What an awesome family day!!!! :) Love the family picture!!! :)

  6. Oh, what fun! I love the idea of the family weaving on the same piece. Talk about special.

  7. What great fun your four generations had making the wall hanging!

    A master piece that all will remember having fun and fellowship while weaving on a special family project.1

  8. Could we know how you set up the loom to make the little bags. I am especially interested because I work at a State park that has a weaving loom. So far we make rag rugs, but would love to set it up for kids to make little bags.



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