Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I finally finished Round 8 of Renulek's Letnia.

I even managed to start Round 9!

One of the things I really like about Renulek's patterns is the way she breaks the elements down into sections. I also like her encouraging words! At the end of Round 8, I had some serious buckling issues. I'm not concerned, though. On Renulek's blog she states that Round 9 will straighten everything out, and I believe her!

The bag making continues. Lily chose this green silk, which is so much prettier in person.

Lily also chose this beautiful variegated blue, my favorite.

Eva chose the soft blue. The one in the middle is hers. I need to buy some more of this yarn to make the straps for the other two, add the button closure, and then they'll be ready for sale. They make great little bags for carrying cell phones and keys.

I finished weaving this piece last night. It will be a bag for me!

The summer fun with grandchildren has slowed down. I have dozens of pictures of their water balloon fight. I stayed safely on the porch!


  1. Pretty!

    Great shot of the girls. So cute!

  2. Why doesn't it surprise me that your bag will be blue?!?!?!

  3. Your doily is beautiful!!! :)
    And all those bags are so wonderful!!! I love the colors!! :)
    Awww...Grandma, you should have joined in the water balloon fight. :) My granddaughters wouldn't let me get out of one(if we had one-thankfully we haven't....yet). :)

  4. well those bags makes me want a loom they are gorgeous! I love summer, and you are approaching my favorite round in your pretty doily!

  5. Beautiful bags and doily! Your loom must have been humming.


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