Monday, June 9, 2014

Two sides

While I don't care for Boye shuttles as they come out of the package, I do like them once I've altered and blinged them!

Summer tatting classes begin June 18, and I promised the kids I would decorate more shuttles. With Dave's help, I started this weekend. I snipped. He sanded. I blinged. We work well together!

I used the same napkin or tissue paper for both sides of each shuttle, but as you can see...

the two sides are different. I love the way these turned out! I think the kids will like them too!

I'm making slow progress on Renulek's Letnia, but I am making progress!

We have meetings today, and the last day with students tomorrow. After that, let the summer fun begin!


  1. You're moving way too fast for me! You've already set up tatting lessons and decorated new shuttles! And woven on your new loom! And continued working on the doily! You get so much accomplished during the school year that I can only imagine how many things you'll accomplish this summer! Happy Vacation!

  2. Such fun shuttles!!! :)
    Your doily is looking wonderful!!! :)

  3. Looks like good progress on Letnia to me. Everyone will love the blinged shuttles. I have done some spinning on a drop spindle, made myself a scarf, but I really prefer the wheel. I love the simplicity of the spindle - to be able to create thread with so little equipment is magical.

  4. How's about a quick lesson on how you bling?? They look Fantastic and I want to have a go!!!

  5. Pigmini, there's a tab at the top of my page entitled "Blinging my way..."

    I learned from Decoromana. I merely tweaked her method to suit me.

  6. Those shuttles look fabulous! Bet the kids love them. Your doily is gorgeous.

  7. Those shuttles look fabulous! Bet the kids love them. Your doily is gorgeous.


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