Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer tatting

Summer tatting, had me a blast!
Summer tatting, had a small class.
Had two girls tatting with me,
And one boy, total of three.
Summer fun, something's begun,
Oh, oh, oh, oh my tatting class!

Yes, we were small in number this week, but that's because we had some pretty tough competition: church camp, volleyball camp, and Broadway Boot Camp. However, I'm expecting a bigger crowd next week. The three who attended discovered our play house with a tube slide, and when their parents arrived, they were allowed to play in it. I'm sure the news will spread quickly!

Paige has designed a bracelet pattern. She finished a black and white bracelet after I took this picture, and then started another. She really goes to town!

A few weeks ago, Miranda suggested I start a tatting shelf for the kids... great idea! Why didn't I think of that? On Tuesday, a box arrived from Handy Hands with some goodies for the kids.

Paige chose to borrow Mastering Tatting.

Janie borrowed Tatting Collage.

John borrowed a tatting video donated by my mom.

Miranda also sent Easy Tatting and Festive Snowflakes & Ornaments. The kids had a tough time deciding what they wanted to borrow! Thank you, Miranda!

Mom donated these books and video. Thank you, Mom! The kids are really appreciative!

On Tuesday, Mom and I finished the bags that we wove on Monday. The one on the top left is silk, and it's for my sister Janet. It's large enough for a Kindle or an iPad Mini. The next two on the top are for the daughters of a friend. The one on the bottom right was woven by daughter Joanne. The other two will be for sale. Except for the one made for my sister, the others are made to hold a cell phone, keys, and a small wallet.

I'm looking into ideas for selling items when I retire. I'm guessing I'll need a little extra income. Etsy and eBay seem like an awful lot of work! I know that some have been selling through Facebook, but that seems like a lot of work also. I've been looking in to ShopLocket, which seems a little easier and less expensive. If any of you have any suggestions, I'd be happy to know about them!


  1. There are 2 bags that I would really like to have!! Your pupils make the future of tatting look bright.

  2. I like the writing you have made for your first summertime class.
    Some vacation spots in your area can be a great way to sell items and farmers markets and teaching tatting at a historical sight works too.

  3. Sweet bracelets!!! :)
    Great woven bags!!! :)
    Great idea to have a tatting library for the young tatters to borrow from!! :)

  4. Pretty bracelets. They are doing so well.
    Beautiful bags.

  5. Love the bracelets, well done to her.sorry by the time I wrote this I forgot which one made them.
    Great idea for a little library for the kids
    I did a table in a local market, as well as esty, I agree esty is a lot of work, photographing, writing up the listing, etc.


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