Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The boys are catching up!

I have several boys who are catching on to tatting and are determined to out-tat the girls!

Carter was so excited about catching on to Fancy Pants, he spent the weekend tatting!

Carter also helped John catch on to Fancy Pants. Both boys did a fantastic job!

Julia has been practicing her picots, and I tied her piece around her wrist as a bracelet. Isn't it lovely?

I did manage to tat five pattern repeats on round 8 (?) of Renulek's Letnia. I'm afraid I'm going to run out of thread, so I placed another thread order last night. I wonder when I'll ever use up all the thread I own?


  1. You will never use up the thread you own thats the answer!! So funny the boys wanting to be as good and even better at tatting than the boys. Also rather amused to see that on this post and previous posts that the girls are allowed to wear nail varnish at school!



  3. The mothers of these children must be vary grateful to you for those quiet week-ends.

    My guess is that you will give awy all that yarn little by little, to your pupils!

  4. However much thread there is, it's not always the thread you need right now! Good for the boys. The bracelet is a good way to show off tatting.

  5. There is never enough thread, so it will never be all used up. At least that's how I see it.
    That bracelet looks so pretty. It's nice the boys are so interested in tatting, too.

  6. That thread is pretty on your Spring napkin. What is it?


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