Sunday, July 6, 2014

Very slow progress

I wish I could say I've been tatting up a storm since school let out for the summer, but I haven't. As you can see, I'm making very slow progress on Renulek's "Letnia."

How did summer get so busy? Dave and I were home alone for the 4th of July. We putzed around doing mundane things like laundry, gardening, cleaning the house... all very restful, really. However, neither one of us really spent time being creative, unless you call weeding and cutting down a storm damaged tree creative!

We went to daughter Alison's house yesterday to help replace her backyard deck. The wood had rotted in places, and Alison was concerned that someone was going to stick their foot through the wood. Alison and family tore up most of the old deck on Thursday and Friday. We arrived about 7:30 yesterday morning. Dave set to work right away pulling out the rest of the old, rotted wood. The right tools make all the difference!

While Dave was preparing the ground for the new lumber, Alison and I unloaded the new lumber. We then made a quick trip to Menards for the correct length screws.

By lunch time, Dave had the new deck framed. After lunch Alison and I went shopping for deck stain, while Dan and the kids loaded the rotten wood in to the truck. Dave started on the decking, and once he was on a roll, Dan and the kids helped screw the boards in place. It truly was a group project, and as Dave predicted, the deck was built in one day!

By 5 p.m. we were all ready to be finished for the day. Yes, there's still some work to be done. There are spots that need to be sanded. The cloth under the deck needs to be trimmed, and the stain needs to be applied, but now my daughter and her family have a safe deck in their back yard. What a feeling of satisfaction!

Today... daughter Carol's bathroom!


  1. My goodness! You got a lot done in one day. Looks like a wonderful place to hang out and enjoy the sunshine.

  2. Wow, new deck in a day, brilliant work.
    Renuleks mat is looking good, my progress is even slower.

  3. Busy, busy, busy. I'm allergic to busy!!!!! Love the doily - it's getting there.

  4. Oh could you come over and fix mind:) ha ha your doily is looking nice!

  5. What a coincidence -
    I am at the same position as your picture of the Letnia doily. It is very slow going for me too. I have to give priority to another project that I foresee is going to be very exciting for me.

    And, I have workers replacing the wood decking at home. Don't have the skill and time to do it ourselves.

  6. Your summer doily is moving along nicely!! :) At least it looks like you have gotten farther on it than I have on my spring doily. :)
    The deck looks great!!! :)
    And my 4th of July was spent in a similar way!! :)


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