Wednesday, July 23, 2014

For us

When I finished Letnia the other night, Dave asked me who it was for.

It's for us, of course! It think it's absolutely beautiful!

I think it's new home will be on the hutch in the dining room, but I may change my mind. ;-)

My tatting buddies were here today, and we had so much fun! Peyton learned how to join two rings.

Dylan was working on a motif.

Grace chose new threads and spent time winding them.

Janie worked on chains.

Shelby worked on her ring and chain edging.

Kennedy practiced Fancy Pants. I didn't get pictures of Allison and Elizabeth tatting. Allison was warming up under a blanket, and when Elizabeth arrived I forgot to get the camera out again! It was a chilly morning, and we all wore sweatshirts!

Now that I've finished another large doily, I really felt the need for a little instant gratification. I planned to tat snowflakes, but I didn't feel like looking for the doodads, beads, and patterns. So instead, I picked up my copy of Tatting by Myra Piper. I love this little book! I tatted the first motif yesterday afternoon.

I tatted the second motif when the kids were here today. Somehow, I interpreted the pattern differently this time.

The motif on the right shows the way it's supposed to look. I can see what I did. I joined the first ring in the pattern repeat to the last ring of the previous repeat, which is not what Myra intended. I don't think it looks bad. It's just not right!

Should I try again, or should I move on? I guess I'll have to decide that once I have my shuttle loaded again!


  1. Your doily is so elegant!!! :)
    I love seeing the kids moving on to actual projects!!! :)
    Great motifs, and I like both the "redesigned" and following the pattern motif!!! :)

  2. I just lost my comment, but am trying again to say congratulations, the doily is lovely, lovely, lovely. I'm glad you can keep it, it will be inspiration for your tatting buddies.

  3. I am so in awe of your students and their dedication to tatting. They are doing so well. "For Us" is the best answer so you can enjoy your beautiful tatted creation. Chilly? This year of weather has been very unpredictable and we are even more in extreme drought now. Creative Tatting Bliss Dear...

  4. Congratulations with the Serwetka Letnia finished. It looks great!

    I love these kids! They are progressing well.


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