Sunday, July 20, 2014

The final round!

I am so pleased to be tatting the final round of Renulek's Letnia! I actually started on Friday, and I'm already about one third of the way around. While I've thoroughly enjoyed tatting this doily, I'm starting to feel the urge to tat snowflakes!

I've really been enjoying weaving. I'm sure there are many tatters who are in the same situation I am. Tatting is my first love, but I just can't tat for extended periods of time as I used to. I do enjoy knitting and crocheting, but they do not give me the rest that I need to keep on tatting.

I have several looms... Beka, Kromsky Harp, Cricket, Inkle, Inklette, ZoomLoom, Weavette... but I never really took to weaving until Mom gave me a Saori loom for my birthday. The difference? ...prewound warps!

Mom sent me a 10 lb cone of chenille yarn. Yes, it is huge! Mom calls it a foot stool. :-)

I had great dreams of quickly using up my yarn stash. Hah! Yarn goes a lot further when woven!

I've been asked what I will do with all these little bags. For the first time in years, I'm planning on attending a craft fair, the Oktoberfest in our little village. Will there be interest? Who knows? It doesn't matter. I'm having fun, and I can always start a gift closet!

I've also been asked if my bags are for sale. Of course! If you're interested in one, just email me and I'll give you the details of the bag you're interested in. Most of the bags will sell for $25. They're large enough to hold a cell phone, keys, and a small wallet. They're meant to be cross-body bags, and if the straps are too long, a simple overhand knot will shorten the strap to the length you prefer.

I've also been asked if these can be used as tatting bags. Yes, they are large enough to hold tatting essentials. However, the bags are not lined, so shuttles with pick tips or crochet hooks could get caught in the fabric.

Now, back to my doily! The end is in sight, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how my version will look when completed!


  1. Doily- gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

    And the bags too are wonderful!

  2. Hope that I get to see/buy some of the bags at Tat Days. They sound great. I LOVE bags!!!

  3. The mat is looking lovely, well done for getting near to the end.
    Lovely bags, I hope they sell well in October.

  4. I think it's like getting to the end of a book - I tend to want to get the book/tatting/whatever finished. Took me a while to overcome that feeling with a Kindle - it's so thin that I felt all the time that I was near the end of the book!

  5. Your doily is so fabulous!!!! :)
    Love all the wonderful bags and you use such fabulous colors!!! :)

  6. Weaving sounds very relaxing, and it is good to have a break from tatting once in a while. Oh yes you must sell your lovely bags, particularly as they have such great buttons on them too!

  7. You're doing a lot more tatting than I am! I'm amazed how many larger projects you finish, not to mention all those snowflakes! Speaking of larger projects, I wish you would show the Tatted Fashion doily again, as I think some tatters may have missed seeing it during the rush of the Holidays! It was truly an amazing accomplishment and a fabulous present! I was completely awestruck at that last round!

    It is good to pace yourself with wrist movements, and the weaving is a nice diversion.
    I can't get over how quickly you have learned to weave on your loom! I have watched some videos and it seems so take so much patience to set it up. But it looks like so much fun to use up yarn and create such cute bags!


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