Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I finished Renulek's Letnia last night, so first thing this morning I pinned it to my new blocking board. I've put off buying a blocking board for a long time. I have a small one that Mom made for me several years ago, and it's great for small pieces. However, it's way too small for larger doilies I've been tatting. Letnia blocked out to 16".

I'm still having fun weaving fabric for bags. Today I tried attaching the straps differently, and I really like the way it worked.

I've also been experimenting with mixing the chenille yarn from Mom with the small bits I have left from past projects. I always think I know how the bags will turn out, but they're usually much prettier than what I anticipated!

One thing I've learned is that it's best to wind off enough yarn for the straps before weaving the bag.

I love adding bits from other bags to dress up the chenille!

Now I just need to learn to photograph the bags so that the colors and shape show up properly!


  1. Can't wait to see the doily all blocked!! :)
    More fabulous bags!!! You are on a roll!!! :)

  2. your woven bags are fabulous! *envy*

    between tatting, bling-ing, sewing and weaving... you are so talented! wow.

  3. The doily looks great! And since I'm getting near the end of a large doily, I'm very interested in your blocking board. Did you buy it or make it? Where or how?

  4. Phew, lot of work to block a doily that big. I look forward to seeing it off the blocking board.


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