Thursday, July 3, 2014

What a week!

All of my company has gone home, and they left just in time!

The good news is, we're all safe and sound. The bad news is, three confirmed EF-1 tornadoes hit our little rural community Monday night around 10:30. From what I've heard, two houses and two barns were damaged, but there were no injuries. We were without power from about 10:30 Monday night until about 11:30 Wednesday morning. We had one pine tree uprooted, but no other damage. Whew!

Now, how about some fun news?

Aileen in Singapore contacted me about swapping for some of my blinged shuttles. Look at the goodies I received in return!

I've joined the Tatting Shuttles Addicts page on Facebook, which can be very fun/dangerous. I saw a picture of some pretty little flat shuttles made by Daniel and Heather Meng ( I contacted them, and I was able to purchase these beauties. The lighter one is maple and the darker one is oak.

I tried them out right away. This is motif #7 from Patti Duff's Minitats. The thread is Manuela, sent to me by Aileen.

I'm saving my Minitats motifs in this cute little tin. Some day I'll catch up to my friend Carol in pursuit of tatting all of the Minitats.

I spent time weaving every day this past week. My goal was to weave fabric for a bag each day, which I accomplished. Today I sewed the bags together. I think they're adorable! They're big enough to hold a cell phone, keys, and a small wallet. Mom taught me how to make these bags. She's making them for a fund raiser held each fall in her retirement village. I wonder how many I can donate/sell for the cause?


  1. I'm glad you're safe! Sweet bags and mini tats too.

  2. Great goodies!! :) Nice shuttles!! :) Love the motif!! :) Great bags!!! :)

  3. Glad you are ok following the storms. Wow. What a blast from Mother Nature.

    Lovely exchange - charming shuttles, and you will probably finish all the minitats before i do!!

  4. So glad you made it through OK. I can picture you, sitting by the light of candles, weaving on your loom! You wouldn't t let a little thing like loss of electricity stop your crafting progress! Really great bags. You're becoming very proficient!

  5. I am glad you are safe too! and those bags are adorable and look like fun! and Kathy is right, it takes no power to make those little babies!

  6. We hear about the storms in america. Thanks god that you are safe! Your bags zre very pretty and they look ethnic, which i like. Happy 4th of july!

  7. How very thankful that you and your community are safe from the storm. Your little tatted motifs are adorable. New shuttles?!! I would love to see some new photos of your wonderful shuttle collection as it is truly amazing. Great little woven bags you are making. I am so glad to be home and reading my favorite blogs again. Summer Sparkles and Creative Bliss...


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