Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Being productive

There's nothing like being productive to make you feel good, and we've been very productive around here! We've been working on the yard and the house. We've had family over to visit, and I've even managed to find some time for myself!

I spent Monday decorating shuttles for the kids. I only managed to bling ten shuttles, but...

I did both sides! ;-)

I tried a different bag construction yesterday. I think it looks very nice, but I'm not sure the time it took made it any better. I tried using my spool knitter for the strap. It kind of reminds me of gummy worms!

Today I experimented with texture. The three beige stripes are chenille yarn. The rest is a multi-colored bulky. Weaving with the two different yarns resulted in an uneven selvage. I'm not sure if there's a way to fix that or not, so I'll do a little more experimenting.

I'm really enjoying seeing how the different yarns in my stash look when woven!

I now have 18 bags finished! I'm beginning to feel like a real weaver!

Ten girls showed up for tatting on the porch today. These three girls are measuring their tatting to see how much they've completed. It was a chilly day. I think the high was 72. The girls changed where they were sitting several times so that they could be warmed by the sun. I even put on a sweater!

I was able to tat quite a bit while the kids were here. I only have eight pattern repeats to go on round 8. I'm looking forward to starting the next round!


  1. Your bags are so wonderful! I especially love the blue one!!! What will you do with them all? Your doily is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  2. TEN!!! That is great ; )

    Lovely tatting - beautiful bags!

  3. I like your weaving experiments. And the blinged shuttles! So the children are coming to you for lessons in their holidays? They are keen.

  4. Fabulous and fun looking shuttles!!! :)
    Love all the bags, but I think my favorite is the second one!!! :)
    Looks like the girls were having fun even in the chilly weather!! :)
    Your doily looks wonderful!!! :)

  5. I am just in total awe of how you are impacting the childrens lives with tatting. Beautiful Blinged Shuttles. Your little woven bags are adorable. Wonderful that you even got in some tatting time with the girls on the front porch. Blissful Tatting Dear...

  6. You go, Diane! Amazing things you do!

  7. The kids are going to love those shuttles! That's a lot of adorable bags you've woven. Are they big enough for a shuttle, scissors and a ball of thread?
    The high lately here has only been about 69. I'd love it to be 72 and sunny.


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