Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Before breakfast and after lunch

That's when I managed to fit in some tatting time today.

I was in the mood to work on my Jan Stawasz Masterpiece doily this morning. I didn't get much done, because I needed to refill one of my shuttles. Now that it's all set up to go, I should be able to tat quite a bit tomorrow.

Purple Splendor is the color I'm using for my next Spinning Wheel glass mat. This one just might have to go to daughter Carol, whose favorite color just happens to be purple!

Dave was an hour late coming home from work tonight. The wind gusts we were experiencing were causing problems with his greenhouses. So, while I was waiting for him I crocheted some more button flowers.

I wonder how this picture turned upside down?

I plan on visiting ReChic Unique Boutique in a couple of weeks, and I'd like to have a nice supply of button flowers for Rita.

I'm very happy with what I managed to accomplish today. I hope you had a day that was just as fulfilling!


  1. Your doily is still coming along beautifully!!! :)
    And more of those fabulous button flowers!! :) I think that is becoming a full time job for you! :)

  2. beautiful tatting - and adore the buttons. The wind was gusting - this a.m. it was snowing in LaPorte.

  3. Your fingers have been speeding again!


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