Monday, April 20, 2015

And another...

I really enjoyed tatting my last Spinning Wheel glass mat, so I started another today. I'm using size 10 Lizbeth again, color #129 Purple Spendor. I'm thinking of putting these for sale in the boutique, although I have no idea how much they should go for. Any suggestions?

I feel like I'm falling behind in making crocheted button flowers for Rita.

I only managed to finish four today, but I do have a good excuse. This is Dave's busy season, and I help him with invoices in the evening. Math is not my forte, but I can handle simple calculations!


  1. My suggestion might not be right for your area, but a guess $7.00 each. :)
    Love all your great button flowers!! :)

  2. Your thread costs a bit and with that larger size and do you use most of a ball making that? I would go more :) but I don't sell tatting some of the other bloggers might be more helpful I do beleive.

  3. I'd say at least $20 knowing how much time you've put into it, but if you're afraid no one will purchase it for that price maybe $15? You've picked a lovely color for it and the flowers look very sweet. :)

  4. There will be as much demand for spinningwheel mats as for crochet buttons. Pricing is always a tricky business, but perhaps the boutique owner could advise you?

  5. Tatting is so so difficult to price where ever you are in the world. How long does it take to make the mat? Already asked - how much thread does it take? But in the end it is the love of making the things we sell isn't it? The best of luck

  6. I would start with a base of $10 for that size.
    Your work is always beautiful.
    Cute and more cute button flowers!

  7. There is a site that might give you ideas on how much to charge. I use it as a guide but rarely do I actually charge what is suggested, but it might help. It's fun to use it, anyway :-) Good luck!

    1. Thank you for the link. I did one for a quick look at the price and think it will be ok for crochet, knitted, or tatted items. For sewing, it could be a bit too high. Just my thought.


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