Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Too tired to post

Yup, I was too tired to post last night. Maybe that's because I've been busy!

The kids at school were asking for new shuttles, so I spent some time blinging shuttles starting on Friday.

Since I decorated both sides and took a quick trip to Minnesota, they weren't finished drying until this morning. As expected, the kids loved them!

Rita asked me to crochet some more button flowers for her, and I really didn't think I'd have time for a couple of weeks. However, since I keep the supplies right by my chair, it's easy to work on them whenever I have a phone call, which seems to be a lot lately!

I finished crocheting the shawl last night. I washed and blocked it after school today, but pictures of the blocked shawl will have to wait. It's stretched out on a white background, so the one photo I took doesn't show up well.

All of my headbands and hair clips are at ReChic Unique Boutique in Demotte, Indiana. Wouldn't you know, I have little girls at school asking for headbands and hair clips.

I promised them I'd have some ready next week.

My personal stash is growing, so I think I'll be able to give the girls a variety of goodies. I have an idea for a stretchy bracelet. We'll see if that works out.

I spent a lot of time on the phone after school today, so more button flowers for Rita are ready to go!

Tomorrow, I'm taking time to tat!


  1. So many goodies to take a fancy to ... how does one choose the 'best' of the lot ?! ;-D
    Your students are really spoiled for choice And creativity !

  2. Making goodies for the kids to enjoy helps me maintain a positive attitude. How can I be crabby when I'm surrounded by enthusiastic kids? :-)

  3. Holy moley - you've been busy! Love ALL of your results!

  4. Ditto Crazy Mom's comment. The shuttles are splendid, no wonder the children were pleased.

  5. My that's quite a pile of goodies! Those lucky students at your school! I like the pink and purple buttons best.

  6. Can't believe you've finished the shawl already! And all those shuttles! And all those buttons! I'm exhasted! Can you please send some of your energy my way?

  7. And I am sitting here thinking I am wiped out. Maybe it's from just reading about you!! :) Actually we just had the granddaughters for 1 overnight during this spring break, but I think I still hadn't quite recovered from the cold I had the last 2 weeks and refused to admit I had. :) Either way, everything looks so wonderful and those shuttle look like so much fun!!! :) Love how beautiful the shawl looks too!!! :)


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