Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Road trip!

Today I took a road trip to Demotte, Indiana, with two of my daughters. We just had to check out ReChic Unique Boutique, the shop where some of my things are for sale. Typical for me, I forgot to take pictures...

except for this one! Joanne wanted to see what one of Rita's hair clips looked like in her hair, so I took a picture. I think she wound up buying this one plus two others. Rita explained her process for making her clips to me. It sounds very involved, and I'm glad she wants to make these. I'll just continue crocheting button flowers and leave all the fiddly stuff to Rita! ;-)

While Sophia played in the back yard this afternoon, I tatted. I was kind of surprised at how much I was able to finish!

My button flower garden continues to grow. I've set a goal for myself to crochet five with each color thread before deciding how they will be used.

I kind of like this goal. I choose buttons randomly from my button dish, which results in combining button and thread colors that I might not have used if I put any thought into my choices. Although some of the combos might be a little unorthodox, I like they way they've all turned out!


  1. Rita's hair clip is gorgeous! So are your button flowers! I'm amazed at how fast your doily is growing.

  2. Sounds like a really good collaboration!

  3. Your button flowers made into clips are lovely,
    Your nat is continuing to look beautiful
    Happy easter to you and the family

  4. love the picture of the button in the hair!

  5. Very beautiful hairclip!! :)
    Still loving your doily!!! :)
    And that flower garden is still growing too!! :)

  6. I think that was a good change. Love the clip that is in Rita's hair. You are giving me ideas but what I need now is more time. Can't wait till end of May when I'm 'free'.


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