Thursday, April 9, 2015

Taking liberties

For those of you who have been following my progress, I'm guessing you might be wondering what is going on with my Jan Stawasz Masterpiece. Well...

I was getting frustrated with trying to keep track of which chains had picots and which did not, so I decided to put picots on all the chains. I like picots, so I think it will look just fine. Mr. Stawasz, if you are looking down from tatting heaven, I sure hope you can forgive me for tampering with your design!

The shawl is finished, and I love the way it turned out!

Here, it's folded in half...

and then half again. I think I may crochet one of these for myself!

I took a bold step a few weeks ago, well bold for me. I have long admired the Easter eggs on Renulek's blog, so I emailed Renata and asked her if her eggs were for sale. She said yes! They arrived today, and I am thrilled with them!

I asked for two of each color so that I could share a set with my friend Denise. They're so pretty!

I have no idea why one picture shows up in landscape mode and one in portrait. They were both taken with the same orientation. Sometimes technology baffles me!

I have a few more buttons for Rita. I love the colorful buttons she gave to me to use for her button flowers. I wonder why I can never find buttons like these?


  1. Your work is all beautiful - I love the shawl. I'm sure tatting heaven would applaud you for your adaptation! And Renulek's eggs are absolutely the best - lucky you :)

  2. You get so much done EVERY DAY!! I enjoy seeing it. Saw some very large buttons in Hobby Lobby in the curtain/drapery section near ribbon & fabrics. Will take a closer look next visit.

  3. Your prerogative to add picots if you want to. Tho I felt the same when I shortened chains on one of Jane E's patterns. I love the shawl, great pattern.

  4. Wow you are inspiring too me and love her eggs it would be nice to have them in person to look at. as for the doily I had to look back at mine to see what I was doing and I too put picots on all the chains, I honestly thought they were all supposed to go there ha ha ha!

  5. More beautiful creativity & handicraft to gaze at with longing & pleasure :-)) You work so fast & share so much !
    Love all that is displayed - the shawl looks very elegant & cosy :-)

  6. Still so busy there!! :) Hope you are all safe from those storms that passed through yesterday!! :)

  7. Great idea to put picots on all the chains. Wonderful eggs - so nice Renulek could make them 'to go'. I'm assuming they are real eggs with blown-out contents, so I can't imagine how she packed them! And the shawl will have a happy recipient! Also glad to know you are safe after the storms.

    1. Kathy, they're actually wooden eggs! They are so beautiful, I think I'll keep them out all year! The storms were mostly to the north and south of us. We seem to be lucky that way!

    2. So glad to know that they are wood! I see (after using the Translate button) that she does mention 'wooden eggs' on her blog. I had never taken the time to search that before! She kind of teases on other posts about hens laying them! I keep decorated eggs (of all different kinds) out all year. I have a particular large wooden egg that has such an intricate geometric design on it, I can't believe it was possible to paint such fine lines.

      It was astounding to see photos of the aftermath there. So scary! Even some areas in Pgh had some damage, but we didn't get any wind at all. Counting our blessings!

  8. Your shawl is gorgeous! I bet it looks fabulous draped over the shoulder. The doily is coming along nicely, and good for you changing things up with the pattern so it's easier for you. I like picots, too........


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