Monday, June 1, 2015

Not what I expected...

There's a mystery tat-along at Craftree, and I thought I might join in. However, I'm having second thoughts. I'll have to look at the directions again. Maybe my stitch count is off. There's no way this will ever lie flat!

I finished another set of crocheted button flowers today. My stash is growing!


  1. I'm not tatting this, but I did look over the instructions and in progress photos earlier today. It looks like others have similar issues with crowding and cupping (just based on my observations from the photos).

  2. I made ds count mistakes in my first attempt (watching tennis while tatting with size 40 thread --- a no-no for me).
    But for 2nd attempt, I kept the joining picots 'normal' to a bit on the longer & varianle side. One can make the lower picots longer than the 2 middle ones, in order to compensate for the tear-shaped rings.
    Looking forward to seeing more :-)

  3. Perhaps it's not supposed to lie flat??? Years ago, I gave up on a pattern of Jane E's because it wouldn't lie flat, but it turned out it was 3-D. Jane did laugh at me and rightly so.

  4. I saw there was a tat along but have not yet joined in,
    Lovely buttons

  5. Puede que esté bien y solo necesite vapr de la plancha.A mi me ha ocurrido.Besos.

  6. Looks like you are off to a pretty start on your mystery tat-along, and since it's a mystery I was wondering like Jane if maybe it's not supposed to lie flat as part of the mystery.
    More great button flowers!!! You sure are on a roll with them!! :)

  7. I agree with the thought of 3D tatting :) I love the flower buttons and you seem to have sold all of the earlier one so with these, you can never have to many :)


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