Thursday, June 18, 2015


Today was a day for organizing, so there wasn't much time for crafting of any kind. I did take some breaks and when I did, I chose to doodle.

I emptied one shuttle with this pretty little pattern from Tatting Lace, the book I showed on yesterday's post. I'm not fond of the length of thread that passes under the rings, but I imagine those threads could be hidden as the piece is sewn down. I do like the way the pattern flows.

I had two other shuttles I wanted to empty. I had an idea in my mind of what I'd like to do. I didn't sketch it out or look for something similar to what I wanted. I just sat and tatted. This looks nothing like what I had in mind! I think I will sketch out my idea and then try to make it work. I'm sure my idea will work. ;-)

With daughter Joanne's encouragement, I spent most of the day reorganizing my sewing room. It's far from being finished, but I did make good progress. Tomorrow we're going to visit daughter Carol, so no work will get done, but Joanne and I already have plans for Saturday!


  1. Wow, you came up with that just doodling? Amazing.
    We subscribe to the "exploded closet theory" around here. That is when organizing or packing up, it looks absolutely the worst right before everything goes in its (new) place. We do this all the time!

  2. My Goodness Diane you have really been busy and I have caught up with your posts I missed. First of all, Sophia is adorable and precious. Spending time with her and your daughter is priceless. I always love your tatting and crocheted button flowers and those really cute socks. I used to make those for my daughter too. June JOY...

  3. On your first doodle tat: I did see (MK, I think) a similar pattern that did (I think) a josephine tatted ring with the thread that passed under the ring. That made it look like it belonged.

    1. I know I've tatted an MK pattern with the thread passed under the ring. I don't remember the Josephine ring, so I guess I'll have to look through my pattern books and find it. Thanks!

  4. Anna Burda used to have patterns where there was a bit of thread went under rings. Some of them can be done with split rings to eliminate that bit of thread. An idea for your next doodle!

  5. Neat doodles, and nice room!! :)


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