Tuesday, June 23, 2015

On the road again...

Yesterday was road trip day, driving up to daughter Alison's house to pick up Alison and her two kids to come visit Grandma and Grandpa for five days of fun!

About a half hour after I left, daughter Joanne called to say she was locked out of the house. Little Sophia had escaped out the front door and Joanne quickly followed. Luckily, she was just finishing up a phone call and had a phone in her hand! Dave was able to come home and let her in, or she'd have been stuck on the front porch until Alison, the kids, and I returned around 4 p.m.

Sophia's adventures exhausted her! I think this is the first time she's passed out at my house. :-)

Daughter Joanne is doing her Vanna White impression, showing off the newly organized closet space. Which door would you choose? Door #1?

Door #2?

Door #3?

Door #4? Believe it or not, there are no tatting supplies here! You will find fabric, knitting, crocheting, weaving, and bobbin lace supplies. I think I'm set!

Did you notice that LadyShuttleMaker's Etsy shop has reopened? I love Sherry's ceramic shuttles, and I've been collecting them from the beginning. I think I was her second or third shuttle customer. Yes, you do have to be careful not to drop them. They are ceramic. I love the weight, and many of them are musical... there's a little musical ping as the thread passes through the tips. I've purchased at least one shuttle each year. I'll post a picture of my collection one of these days.

This is a slightly larger shuttle in my favorite color, blue! Thank you, Sherry! I love your little works of art!

Another package arrived in the mail yesterday. This was my latest purchase from Jane Eborall's Etsy shop. I love Jane's All Square Tat Bag! It's great for carrying projects in my purse. You do carry tatting projects in your purse, don't you?

I was really excited for the latest release of Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles created by "'im in the garage." This is probably the fourth time that I've been lucky enough to purchase the shuttles I wanted after seeing Sally's post about new shuttles. Who wouldn't want a shuttle made of Raspberry Jam? I think I might crave toast and jam while using this shuttle.

I also wanted the Laburnum shuttle. I guess it was my lucky day! Sally, please thank 'im in the garage for his fabulous shuttles, and Jane, thank you for listing them in your shop. You two ladies help feed my tatting supply addiction!


  1. You must be very grateful to your intrepid daughter Joanne for tackling FOUR cupboard spaces! No words...: ))

  2. You sure have been busy between organizing and family!!! :)
    Hope you have an awesome time with the added group!! :)

  3. I have a big smile after reading your post. Enjoy having family with you, wonderful.

  4. Could you come over here and organise my stuff please?!! So pleased you have got the raspberry jam shuttle it was given to me at first and then I 'turned my nose up at it' as it didn't have a hook!


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