Monday, June 15, 2015

Shhh! They're napping!

It's been a busy two days since my son-in-law Jan brought daughter Joanne and granddaughter Sophia down to visit. Jan is already back home in Minnesota, working hard. The rest of us have been busy playing! Right now, Joanne and Sophia are napping, so I have a few minutes to blog.

Sophia helped Grandpa fill the planters on the porch.

She wandered through the garden and played in the treehouse and on the slide.

Before it started raining, Sophia and Grandpa did a little lawn mowing...

and watched the water fountain and waterfall, with toes being tickled by the grass!

A little t.v. never hurt anyone, especially when time is taken out for dancing!

Of course, I did manage to find time to crochet some more button flowers.

Joanne asked how many I had finished, so I counted.

210! Maybe it's time to start attaching them to headbands and hair clips!

I also managed to find time to tat another snowflake from Robin Perfetti's newest collection, which is now available in her Etsy shop. This one is Eclipse, a very pretty pattern, and so much fun to tat!

Now that I've taken care of business, should I take a nap or start another snowflake? Decisions, decisions.


  1. Oooh, looks like a fun day!!! :) Our granddaughters are back home, but the oldest kept trying to get me to let them stay another day(grandma needed the rest due to an extremely busy week before they got here).
    Wow!!! That's a garden of button flowers!!! :)
    And your snowflake looks great as always!!! :)

  2. Your yard is so beautiful! It looks like your granddaughter is having a great time. You've sure made a lot of button flowers!

  3. So beautiful !!!
    And I won't say which/what .... decisions, decisions ;-P
    All your pics display serene beauty :-)

  4. Wow Diane, you have been really busy! I don't know how you manage to consistently accomplish so many things!

  5. I keep forgetting that you have a wonderful grand baby land and other projects. I just remembered all that snow we had :)


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