Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lavender pillows

The first hand-dyed thread artist I learned of was Marilee Rockley. When she would post about her hand-dyed threads on her blog, I would rush right over to her Etsy shop to purchase whatever new thread colors I could afford. I was thrilled when I learned that she was going to be at a craft show in the Milwaukee area, a mere four hours away! That was back in 2007. My, how time flies!

Daughter Alison and I made plans to go, and although it wasn't a huge event, I was thrilled beyond belief to get the chance to meet Marilee in person! Alison and I purchased some goodies from Marilee, and then took the obligatory look at other vendor stalls. I'm glad we did. I met a woman who made lavender pillows. She told me they were wonderful for headache relief. I was sold! I'm a wimp when it comes to headaches, and I will try almost anything to get rid of them quickly.

I followed the directions and put the pillow in my freezer. Luckily, I don't need it as often as I did when I was younger, but I'm always glad to have it when a headache rears its ugly head. After a few years, I decided I needed a second lavender pillow. I found some online, but all of them were much smaller than my original pillow. Last week I decided to look on Etsy, and I found one the size of my original, 6" x 12", and the cost was only $26... $26???!!! Yikes!

I went shopping for supplies on Amazon, and purchased buckwheat hulls and lavender for just over $20. The supplies arrived yesterday, and today daughter Joanne and I worked on making lavender pillows for all the girls in the family.

We have five pillows made and we still have supplies left, so we'll probably make some more tomorrow. These are lighter weight than my original pillow. I'm guessing that it is filled with flax seed and lavender, because I've read that the flax seed adds weight. For now I'll stick with the buckwheat hulls.

Joanne and Sophia helped Grandpa wash his car yesterday.

Today she helped Grandpa mow. I think farm life suits her!


  1. So does the pillow work for headaches? Do you keep it in the deepfreeze until a headache strikes? Great that you could make your own, and more to give away to the rest of the family too.

    1. It works for me! Yes, I keep it in the deepfreeze in a ziplock bag. I've read that 30 minutes will do the trick, but when I have a headache, I don't want to wait 30 minutes. I have ordered flax seed, because I've read that the oils in the flax seed help hold the heat/cold. The flax seed pillows can be warmed in the microwave. It will be interesting to see the difference between the two fills once I've finished.

  2. I love to find a deal and a relaxing one too :)

  3. 2007? I can't believe it's been 8 years! Time really does fly. Your lavender pillows look beautiful! If heated in the microwave, they'd be good for warming feet in a cold bed in the winter, too!

  4. Another great item for your future Etsy shop? Or at the store where you sell your buttons!

    I am constantly amazed at the quality of tutorials on the web. If they were submitted to magazines, they might take years to be published. Now everything is almost instantaneous, and we get to share craft ideas without their having to be approved by editors!

    Great use for those fabrics! And interesting comparison of flax and buckwheat seeds!

  5. Your lavender pillows are glorious. Relaxing and fragrant and medicinal properties are such a bonus. Lavender Bliss...


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