Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Off to a slow start

I really thought I'd accomplish a lot my first two days of summer break. My sinuses thought otherwise!

So, it took me two days to finish my second Noelle by Robin Perfetti. This one is in size 10 Aunt Lydia's. I like Aunt Lydia's for crocheting, but it's not my favorite for tatting, because it so so soft. It's fine if I don't make any mistakes, but it shreds if I have to unpick a stitch. Still, it turned out pretty!

It's 6" across, about an inch and a half bigger than the green one tatted in size 20 Omega. I think I like the way the colors flow better in the pink.

A trip to the mailbox yesterday yielded a pleasant surprise. Fox had some David Reed Smith shuttles for sale, and I love his shuttles! Although I had made up my mind that I really didn't need any more shuttles, I just couldn't resist. The surprise was the two lovely hankies. Thank you my Foxy friend!


  1. Great snowflakes and so pretty!! :)

  2. Snowflakes and shuttles are wonderful both are works of art!

  3. A shame about the sinus when you've been looking forward to summer break! Hope it clears up soon. They're both pretty snowflakes, but yes, I agree the pink shades flow better.


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