Monday, August 11, 2008

Earrings for Mom

Mom and I both admired Laura's earrings when we met on Friday. I don't wear earrings because of allergies, but I found out the Laura can't wear gold earrings either, so I may try a pair of silver ones and see how I do. Any way, since I finished all of the crosses for Mom, I wanted to do something special just for her. We went to Michael's yesterday and found lever back earrings and beads to go with the lavender weaving thread that Mom used for a liturgical stole. Nancy Tracy's Loopy Earring pattern is so easy to follow! Laura was right... it takes more time to string the beads than to tat the earrings!

Mom is thrilled with the earrings, and they go great with the outfit she's wearing today... a blue pants suit with floral embroidery that has the same shade of lavender as the earrings! Mom says the earrings look like angels to her, and I think she's right! I might just have to follow Tattycat's lead and tat up an earring wardrobe for Mom!

Hmmm... after looking at the super-sized picture of the earrings, I realize that I probably should have spent a little time laying them out neatly to do justice to Nancy's pattern. My apologies to Nancy. I tried taking pictures of Mom wearing them, but they're so delicate they don't show up well against Mom's skin. The earrings really are beautiful!


  1. I see them! Neat colors - I am partial to purple! Since tatted earrings only take a little thread and beads, having a pair to match each outfit is an affordable possibility. It might be do-able to wear one as a pin or pendant, as well.

  2. I am so glad you made the earrings. Told you they were super easy. I'm sure Nancy loves them. I think they look like angels as well.

  3. Those are so beautiful! They DO look like little angels!

  4. They are really pretty. What a sweet gift to give your mother.


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