Friday, August 1, 2008

No pics?!

Sorry, no pics today. Mom and I had a very busy day yesterday. We started our day with a half hour walk on the treadmill, then headed back to the apartment. Mom read the newspaper while I caught up on blogs and e-mail. We had scones for breakfast... yummy! Next we headed off the Fairhope to have coffee at Latte Da and to look for books in Page and Palette. Of course we found some! Our next stop was The Church Mouse... we needed more scone mix! I also found two little creamers that I just had to have. Mom bought me a beautiful little Dresden dresser tray... I know... I'm spoiled!

We headed back to the village for our luau lunch... fabulous! Mom had mahi mahi, and I had chicken. I would have loved to try the mahi mahi, but I'm allergic to seafood and I'm very cautious about fish! The cook also had some pulled pork for us to try, a marvelous sweet potato dish, rice, asparagus and bok choy fritata, and an array of desserts. We took home salad fixings so that we could have a light dinner.

We tatted and chatted in the afternoon. After dinner we watched Michael Collins and worked on panels for a crocheted afghan. Early to bed, early to rise! We've already been for our morning trek on the treadmill. Mom's out walking Sparkle Plenty, and I'm ready to cool off in the shower and then head down for coffee.

We'll be busy again today... Mom's new loom is arriving this morning!


  1. It's so fun being on "vacation" with you. Thank you for making time to keep us updated. You'll have to take pics of the loom.
    Say hi to MOM!

  2. I envy the pair of you. I hope you have a ball! Yes, do send pictures of the loom!

  3. LOL! You looked for books in a town called Page? Sounds cute!


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