Sunday, August 10, 2008

Winding down...

My vacation with Mom is coming to an end way too quickly! I did manage to finish tatting the six crosses that Mom asked for to embellish liturgical stoles that she's making. In case you have read my posts about these crosses before, the smaller ones are in "Karen's Halo", size 20 silk from Sherry Pence aka LadyShuttleMaker. The larger crosses are in "Fortune", size 20 from Marilee Rockley aka Yarnplayer. Using this pattern, I think Marilee could have also named it "Old Rugged Cross"! Since the larger crosses are for Julian, I chose to leave the picots off the rings. I thought it made the crosses look more masculine. The pattern is "Traditional Cross" from Tatting Patterns by Lyn Morton. The camera does not do justice to either one of these threads... they are both absolutely gorgeous!

I'll probably spend the rest of the day filling my floss bobbins with samples of weaving thread from Mom's stash... that is the ones she's willing to part with! I have had such a wonderful time in southern Alabama. I've gotten to know so many of Mom's friends, which makes me feel more at ease about her living so far away from my sisters, my brother, and me. If you have a strong network of friends, I think you can live just about anywhere, and Mom certainly has that going for her.

And what fun it was to get to meet Laura aka Tattycat in person! We'd talked on the phone over the past year, so we already had a strong connection, but there's something special about meeting face-to-face! Bill teased us about what we had to drink for lunch (we had the giggles!), but we honestly had nothing stronger than iced tea! We talked about other liquid refreshment, but didn't really have time to do anything other than talk... and tat!

If any of you are ever going to be in the Chicago area, I would love to meet you! But you'd better hurry... I'm strongly considering moving my whole family to Alabama!


  1. Enjoyed reading about your visit with your mum. Hope the rest of your time there is as happy and as fruitful.

  2. How nice that you've been able to visit with your Mom and meet TattyCat! I love it. Looking forward to hearing more when you can.

  3. Beautiful Crosses, Diane! Enjoy the rest of your time with your mother, HI MOM, and travel safe!

  4. Those crosses are just beautiful. The more I see of 'Fortune', the more I like it. That color is just made for crosses I think. Lovely.

    I really enjoyed reading about your visit with your mom and Tattycat. It sounds like you never had a dull moment. That's great! Don't you love it when you finally get to meet someone face to face after talking on the phone for what seems like forever? A couple of my closest friends are ones that I met through online communities.

  5. The crosses are lovely Diane. You do such beautiful work and so quickly. I was very impressed with what you can do with your arm after such a short time. I will never forget our time together and hope to see you again soon. Oh yes, please do move the family to Alabama!


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