Thursday, August 7, 2008

Keeping busy

No pics today... Mom and I went browsing in a beautiful antique shop looking for tatting shuttles and thimbles, but came up empty. That's o.k. I really do have enough tatting shuttles and thimbles! Next we stopped at our favorite oriental shop. I found a cute little bowl that will be great for holding my tatting threads. I really don't need another bowl, but how could I pass up a $2.00 bargain? We planned on going to Papa's Place for lunch, but they discontinued serving lunch last week... drat! We were forced to go to O'Charley's, where we indulged in red bean and rice soup (outstanding!), chicken fingers, and caramel pie ice cream. I'd never been to O'Charley's before, but I hope to go again!

There were only three of us at Purl & Chain yesterday afternoon. Bobbie is almost finished with her Auburn ripple afghan... one color repeat to go! Mom and I took yarn last week that nobody wanted (including us), and we're working on a six panel afghan. We should be close to finishing by the time I go home Tuesday.

Mom had lots of fun playing with her Kindle. She found three sites with free books to download, including the Gutenburg Project, Melissa! Mom looked up titles from her favorite authors when she was young including Edgar Rice Burroughs and Gene Stratton-Porter. With the titles Mom found, we figure she'll make up the cost of her Kindle in no time! It was kind of fun sitting here trying to remember titles of books we'd read a long time ago!

Today we'll go to Rock Creek and meet Betty for lunch. Mom wants to work on a couple of small projects, so maybe today will be the day. One thing nice about this two weeks together is that we can do what we want, when we want, and not feel guilty about our choices. Hey... maybe that's what retirement is like!


  1. I like O'Charley's. They have a great salad with pecans, strawberries, cranberries and chicken. Plus those nice warm rolls!

    You two certainly are busy!
    :-) Gina

  2. Mmmmm, red beans and rice is one of my favorites! We haven't had that in a long time! *runs to add red beans to grocery list!*

  3. Oh that is so awesome! Tell her to look in the Amazon Discussion boards for the Kindle there is a message there that has a LARGE list of sites with free downloads and other ebook sites too!
    I've talked it over with hubby and he says I can get one in November when we get a little bonus!!! YAYYYYYY With that in mind I already downloaded Emma and Pride & Prejudice free to my computer for the future! LOLLLLLLLLL

  4. What a great time you and your mom have been having! I want to come along next time. I can keep up with you two. Maybe. ;)


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