Friday, July 17, 2015

Laundry day

Years ago, a friend of mine told me that she liked to get her laundry done on Friday. That way she had the weekend free to spend with her family. It took me a while to jump on the bandwagon, but once I did there was no turning back.

Today while I was waiting for loads of laundry to finish, I set tasks for myself. It worked well!

I finished round 7 of the Jan Stawasz Masterpiece, and I did it correctly!

I also managed to start round 8. I'll be back to rounds 10 and 11 before you know it! ;-)


  1. Ha I also do my laundry on Fridays which began during a home Reno as that was the only free day. Now ten years later I complete it after work and love the chore free weekends.
    Congrats on round 7 looking good.

  2. Good job - all round ! I'm enjoying your cleaning-up & organizing progress as well - very inspiring.
    My laundry is usually every alternate day during summers & twice weekly or thereabouts in winters - one of the advantages (or disadvantage - whichever way one wants to look at it) of staying at home.


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