Friday, July 3, 2015

Time flies!

Where has the time gone? I can't believe it's Friday already. Joanne and Sophia are leaving on Sunday, so I have to make the best of my time with them. Dave will be on vacation next week, which means my summer break is nearly half gone. Summers seemed to last forever when I was little, but not any more.

My order of flax seed arrived the other day, so Joanne and I made flax seed and lavender pillows. The flax seed is exactly what I needed to get the weight I like. However, the flax seed does not go very far.  One of these pillows is filled with the last of the buckwheat, making a total of ten buckwheat and lavender pillows. I only had enough flax seed for three pillows, and the flax seed was about 50 cents more expensive. Still, this project was less expensive than purchasing one pillow.

Joanne and I did some experimenting and found that the flax seed holds the cold much longer than the buckwheat hulls, and I read that the flax seed can hold its warmth for over an hour when the pillows are heated in the microwave. Look out family! This may be what you get for Christmas this year! ;-)

I finally got over the hump with rounds 10 and 11 of the Jan Stawasz Masterpiece. Now that I have the pattern and spacing fixed in my mind, I think I'll be able to complete these two rounds in good time.

My sewing room is not organized to my satisfaction yet, but it is organized enough that I feel like spending time in there again. Joanne spent time winding my odds and ends into neat little balls, which makes it much easier to see what I have. I started this piece with size 5 crochet cotton to form a hem edge. I did take the time to hemstitch it so that it won't unravel when I take it off the loom. Next, I used up some worsted weight acrylic that was left on a bobbin from a previous project. Each pass is one strand of the purple crochet cotton and one strand of the pink acrylic. I like the way the purple adds definition to the pink.

I've had an idea for a while about using fabric selvages to make a nice firm fabric for bags. So, I kept all the selvages from the lavender pillows and used them next. I'm continuing with the purple crochet cotton with each pass. I guess I'm really beginning to love purple!

It was a little chilly last night, and Sophia wanted to wear Grandma's hooded sweatshirt. Carol and Joanne were cracking us up with ET references, and although she had no idea what we were laughing at, Sophia giggled along with us. I sure am going to miss this little peanut when she heads home to Minnesota!


  1. The flax seed would be worth the extra cost if it holds the cold longer? Could I borrow Joanne for a while?

    1. I definitely think the flax seed is worth the extra cost. I like the extra weight it gives the pillows, and when I have a headache I'm happy to have the cold last an extra long time! I asked Joanne if I could lend her out. She smiled! ;-)

  2. Your JS looks wonderful AND it is very near completion.

    Your peanut is so adorable!

  3. Great projects and everything looks wonderful, especially the little "project" in the bottom picture!! What an adorable little one!!! :)

  4. I am finally here to catch up and I see you have been very busy. Sofia is adorable and I definitely see the ET reference. Safe and Happy Fourth Dear...

  5. Can I be in your family for Christmas? Love the flax pillows. E.T. Is pretty darn cute too! You are one productive woman :)


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