Thursday, January 4, 2018


Today was another snowflake day. This is "Auriel" from Twenty to Make Tatted Snowflakes by Jennifer Williams. The shuttle was a Christmas present from my friend Denise. My favorite color is blue (I'll bet you didn't know that! ;-)), and Denise's favorite color is pink. Denise commissioned Rita Richmond of Shuttle by Design to make us blue and pink matching shuttles. I love it!

When I picked up the mail after our return from Alabama, I had a package waiting from my friend Michelle. To commemorate our tatting retreat in July, we ordered shuttles from Frivole.

Both sides are beautiful! I hope I'm able to attend the next Twin Cities Tatters retreat. It was so much fun, and I'm pretty sure I could convince Denise to ride along with me!


  1. Auriel is magnificent! I really like that.

    1. It was fun to tat! Now I'm trying to figure out how to turn it into an Ice Drop! ;-)

  2. Ooo, this snowflake is a wonderful design with lots of interesting focal points!

  3. I love this book and your doing great! and of course shuttle is a beauty!

  4. Wonderful motif and shuttle!!! :)

  5. Beautiful snowflake, and gorgeous shuttles.

  6. Okay, I really must get this book!

  7. Glad the shuttles made it! Your Auriel is gorgeous!

  8. Your blog is always a wonderful showcase for beautiful shuttles, as well as your excellent tatting. I'm amazed how you are able to go from post shuttles to bobbin shuttles so easily.

    As you are showing Frivole's beautifully decorated bobbin shuttle here (an Aerlit I presume), I wonder if you have tried rolling the bobbin to either wind it or to retract the thread when going from a ring to a chain. She made two videos showing this rolling trick (see below), after I mentioned to her that rolling the bobbin saves time and helps avoid a sore thumb! I started doing this in the '90s (long story) and therefore I prefer to use bobbin shuttles, especially since it does save my thumb joint!

    I enjoy seeing the artistic designs from all the shuttle makers.

    Winding a Bobbin video (Frivole)

    Tatting and Rolling video (Frivole)


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