Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wee Snowballs

Wee Snowballs is an Ice Drop pattern by Jean Inglis. This was a fun tat loaded with Josephine rings. However, I know I did something wrong, because Jean's sample is much more compact and truly looks like snowballs!

I have this adorable metal tree in my bedroom. It's loaded with my January tatting, 33 Ice Drops and 6 snowflakes. Not bad, I think!


  1. Oh I love this one two💟does she sell this pattern or is it on face book?

    1. The pattern is available on the Ice Drop Addicts page on Facebook.

  2. This is lovely and proves your tatted Ice Drops have endless possibilites. Your Tree is full of JOYful January tatting. XO

  3. The tree is in a great spot in front of the window to let the light shine through all those pretty gems! A wonderful way to keep track of all your items!

    This ice drop is another clever variation. Love those Josephine rings.

  4. It’s very pretty,even if it is different to the original. Love, love, love your tree, such a good way to display your work!

  5. I like your "Wee Snowballs" and those lovely blue shuttles next to it. Your display tree is impressive! You accomplish so much tatting in a month!

  6. El árbol está precioso porque los reflejos de luz aún lo hacen más hermoso.Besos.


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