Monday, January 8, 2018


I think my attempt at tatting "Helen" from Twenty to Make Tatted Snowflakes by Jennifer Williams was doomed from the start.

I finally gave up trying to undo my beaded ring this morning. I wasted a lot of time yesterday, and when I did decide to give up I realized how foolish I was with my time. This is the point where I messed up yesterday. I guess it doesn't always pay to be stubborn!

I really shouldn't try to tat while talking on the phone. I'm not sure if I should try and rescue this snowflake or just drop it in the trash can.

After my disaster, I decided to relax with an Ice Drop... familiar territory, you know!

I did return to "Helen" after dinner, this time without the beads. I'm pretty sure this was my first time to tat lock chains. I think I need a little more practice! This new shuttle by Emiko Suenaga arrived today. It's available exclusively at Tatting Corner.

The back is just as pretty as the front!


  1. I think your beaded and unbeaded Helens look wonderful!!!! :) I think you did a great job on your lock chains!!!
    Another great Ice Drop!! :)
    Pretty shuttle! :)

  2. I hope you can salvage it! I like the lock chain version, nice texture and the shape in the middle shows beautifully. That's a very pretty shuttle.

  3. I too struggle with lock chains, it is rare to see on on my blog ha ha ha😄 Love the new shuttle and this snowflake and drop are great💜❄💜

  4. The 2nd one turned out just fine !! Love those shuttles !


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