Monday, April 30, 2018

Lazy day

The weekend wore me out, so I spent the day relaxing.

It felt good to tat an Ice Drop after taking two days off from tatting.

The picture isn't very good, but I was too lazy to move my little trees for better lighting. They hold the 31 Ice Drops I managed to tat in April.

I really am having fun crocheting these spool pin doilies.

They're kind of like potato chips... you can't stop with one!


  1. Lots of fabulous Ice Drops!! :)
    Love your cute little doilies!!! :)

  2. Amazing to see 31 ice drops at once. Great place to view them, in front of a window!
    You're really fast with the spool pin doilies. Did you mention the brand of cotton? Lots of pretty variegated colors.


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