Saturday, April 7, 2018

Liz Metallic Turquoise Blue and Christmas Red

Subbing wore me out this week, so I didn't post yesterday. However, I did tat an Ice Drop!

This is Liz Metallic Turquoise Blue. I do love this color! I used another of my Grizzly Mountain Arts shuttles.

Today I chose to use Liz Metallic Christmas Red.

Yes, this is another Grizzly Mountain Arts shuttle. It's covered up by thread, but there is a beautiful letter "D", just for me!

Yesterday's mail brought two lovely shuttles from Veronica of Tatting Shuttles. I think it's wonderful that we have the ability to collect tatting shuttles from around the world!

Yesterday's mail also included two beautiful new shuttles and picot hooks from Grizzly Mountain Arts. I'm so glad Dave is making shuttles again!

Today I received my newest shuttle from Rita Richmond of Shuttle by Design. I've never been to Paris, and I probably never will get there, but I love having a shuttle with the Eiffel Tower on it!

Dave and I had a big thrill today. We saw daughter Carol on t.v.! She's the enthusiastic brunette on the right. She was on screen just before the final pitch of the game, and the Cubs won! This is the second time we've seen Carol on t.v. when she was attending a Cubs game. The first time was two years ago at Wrigley Field. I guess being on t.v. two times makes her a star! ;-)


  1. Wow it was like Christmas for you, so many beautiful shuttles and ice too in blue😁💖😁

  2. I think Carollyns comment sums it up, what a great few days you have had, those metallic threads, I am so jealous so far I have not found them on sale over here yet. I would not know which one to buy they are all so lovely.
    Beautiful shuttles, I think the Eiffel Tower is Briliant,
    Nice to see your daughter on t.v at least you can show her the picture to prove she was there and something memory's to remember

  3. Beautiful shuttles, I really like the ones with the painted flowers. I keep checking every day to see what new metallic color you are showcasing, and was wondering where Friday's blog post went :)

  4. Wow - what fun mail! I love your shuttles, especially the ones with the matching picot hooks. I’m still thinking about some of those metallic threads - I don’t want ALL of them, but I can’t decide which ones I want the most. Yes, your daughter is a STAR!

  5. Those Ice Drops look fabulous!!! :)
    Awesome shuttles!!! :)
    That is so cool to be able to see your daughter on tv when those crowds seem huge!! :)


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