Monday, April 30, 2018

Spool pin doily pattern

I've been pleasantly surprised at the response to my little spool pin doilies, and I've been asked to share my pattern.

So, what are spool pin doilies? They're little doilies that go on the spool pin of your sewing machine. They take the place of the little felt rings you can buy. I read that the felt rings are meant to keep the spools from scratching your machine as they spin. They're also supposed to help keep the spool from continuing to spin when you stop the machine. Spool pin doilies are not only cute, they're functional!

The pattern is very simple. For these I used size 10 crochet cotton and a size 10 hook. I normally use a size 7 hook with #10 cotton, but the size 10 hook was right next to me, and it worked!

I use the magic ring method to start; chain 3 (counts as first double crochet), 19 double crochet into magic ring, close ring leaving a hole big enough to fit over your spool pin, slip stitch into top of beginning chain 3. 

Round 2: chain 4, double crochet chain 1 into each double crochet going around, slip stitch into top of 3rd chain of beginning chain 4. 

Round 3: slip stitch into first chain 1 space, chain 6, double crochet into same chain 1 space, double crochet in next chain 1 space, double crochet chain 3 double crochet in next chain 1 space, continue this pattern around and slip stitch in 3rd chain of beginning chain 6. 

Round 4: slip stitch in chain 3 space, chain 3, 6 double crochet in same chain 3 space, single crochet in middle double crochet from previous round, 7 double crochet in next chain 3 space, continue this pattern around, slip stitch in top of beginning chain 3, cut and pull through thread to finish. Hide ends.

There you go! Some day I'll take the time to figure out a tatted version!


  1. Thanks very much. They’d make nice coasters too.

  2. Thank you Diane, I have some tatting thread that would be best used for crochet and I'll be getting a sewing machine soon.

  3. This is super cute, and would dress up my sewing machine it does so need a new look :)
    thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm having a really hard time with the fourth round! !!

  5. Thank you!!! Love these and was hoping to find a pattern. The magic ring seems to be key to success.

  6. Thank you for sharing your pattern, they are so cute and I will be making some for myself and as gifts.

  7. Hello!! I love making these!! They work up super fast! Can we sell what we’ve made from your pattern?


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