Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Liz Metallic Rose and Raspberry Pink

Today was a three Ice Drop day! I was subbing, supervising standardized testing, and had plenty of time to tat.

I started with Liz Metallic Rose.

Isn't this a beautiful soft color? Another Grizzly Mountain Arts flat shuttle came in handy!

Raspberry Pink is the last of the Liz Metallic threads.

I love this deep pink! My TSA shuttle from Monica Braxton is another great one for using metallic threads. There are slits cut in to the two ends of the shuttle, perfect for sliding the thread in and out.

Last, but not least, is a plain old Ice Drop in Lizbeth Arctic Waters.

Not bad for a day of subbing!


  1. My dog ate my name one from Monica....

  2. They are all beautiful and the shuttles too!😍

  3. What a metallically colourful journey this has been :-) Now for a group photo of all the metallic ice drops ?

  4. The metallic ice drops are so pretty. I especially like the Raspberry Pink. Love seeing all your beautiful work.

  5. Metallic thread adds a special sparkle to your lovely Ice Drops. You have the most amazing shuttle collection dear. Tatting Bliss <3


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