Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Liz Metallic Sea Foam

Liz Metallic Sea Foam is a beautiful soft green!

I think it makes a fabulous Ice Drop. I took the opportunity to give my new Bumblebee shuttle a workout. My Bumblebee performed well! ;-)

Today was a busy sewing day. I finished a dust cover with pocket for granddaughter Ella. The matching bag holds the foot pedal. It took me three tries to get a dust cover that I liked. I hope Ella likes it too!


  1. Sea foam is a lovely one too, and she is going to love the sewing machine, "it's in the bag"😁

  2. Such a fabulous color for your Ice Drops!!! :)
    Great cover and bag!! :)

  3. Love that colour, beautiful ice drop, very unusual shuttle not seen one like that
    Lovely cover and bag

  4. I think I missed something. Is Ella learning how to use a sewing machine? That's wonderful! Especially love the pedal cover. Haven't seen one of those before!


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