Saturday, August 21, 2021

Keeping busy

It was very humid today, a perfect day to sit inside and tat! I did go out on the porch for walks throughout the day, but otherwise I was  content to stay inside.

I'm working my way through my button ornament patterns. I'm finding that I really like some of them, and others just do nothing for me. Still, I had great fun creating them all last year. This is my December 2 pattern. I'm terrible with names, so naming them by dates kept me from getting bogged down with decision making.

The December 3 pattern is one that I can take or leave. I'm not real thrilled with the open spaces. The shuttle is one of my newest ones from Alexey Romanov.

December 4 is a pattern that just didn't seem right to me, so I decided to tweak it a little.

I changed the stitch count a little on the last round, and I think it has a much cleaner look. So now I have a December 4 variation!

December 5 is one I really like. One advantage of tatting these designs after months of ignoring them is that I have to follow my own directions. I know I had to revise several patterns because of mistakes that others found. It's funny that at the time I just couldn't see the mistakes in the patterns. Thank goodness there were tatters who asked for clarification!


  1. Ah, the huge advantage of writing the patterns down! And sharing them. Wonderful colour. Umming and arring about my favourite. I like the top one with its varied spacing.

  2. Lovely buttons, I like December 2 and your new variation of December 4, I hope you will write the pattern up one day.

    All we are having is rain with a bit of sunshine, its not what you would call very warm either, hopefully the weather will improve.

    1. Thanks, Margaret! I just made the stitch count match the previous chain, and I increased the chain that makes the rings by two.

  3. They're all pretty! I think my favorite is December 2.


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