Sunday, September 12, 2021

Back to the book

Now that I've accomplished my mission of creating Dorset Crosswheel button ornaments with all the color combinations in the Cranberry Spice thread pack, it's time to get back to working my way through Dorset Ring Buttons by Gina Barrett.

This is Flower Type One done in #8 perle cotton.

This one is Double Flower. I didn't pay attention to what was used for the sample, so I started right in with #8 perle cotton and an 18mm ring. There wasn't enough room to finish the pattern, so I switched to 50/3 linen thread. The thread worked fine, but I actually did better with the first button than with the second. 

When making these ornaments, I try to choose what I think looks best to go in my button tin. My theory is that the tatting will help hide the less attractive button. I'm not sure it worked in this case!


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