Tuesday, September 14, 2021



My sister Janet came to visit for a couple of days and since we both enjoy doing puzzles, there was more time spent puzzling than tatting! To be fair, Jane completed the majority of this puzzle. This one was only 500 pieces, and it was fairly easy to complete. Now that the picture has been taken, the puzzle is safely back in its box and a new one is taking shape. The new one is 1,000 pieces, and I have done nothing with it so far. Janet, however, has done quite a bit of sorting and has started working on the border. Dave might get more involved in putting the new one together as it is a Thomas Kinkade picture. Just last week, Dave said that he would be more inclined to work on a puzzle with me if it wasn't craft related. He suggested Thomas Kinkade, so that's what I bought!

I'm back to working on Dorset buttons from Gina Barrett's book, Dorset Ring Buttons. This pattern is Flower Type Two. I really like the look of this one! Maybe that's because it's such a pretty shade of blue!

I'm feeling the urge to start decorating trees with button ornaments, so yesterday I cleaned up one of my trees and decorated it with the ornaments I made with my size 10 Cranberry Spice thread pack. I love this tree for displaying ornaments! My thinking is that some crystal drops would really make this sparkle. What do you think?


  1. Fabulous way to display the ornaments! A little sparkle never goes amiss. Love the blue with flowery centre!

    1. Thanks, Jane! I pulled out a few more trees and cleaned them so that I can do some more decorating!

  2. Really great puzzle!! :)
    Love your Dorsets!! :)
    Love your display!!! :)


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