Thursday, April 13, 2023


Sometimes technology baffles me. For example, It used to be that I could select several photos and they would show up on my blog in the order I selected them. That hasn't been true for a while. Tonight, my pictures posted in reverse order. I can (and have) selected photos one at a time so that they appear in the correct order, but I don't always feel like taking that bit of extra time. Oh, well. I guess I'll just describe them in reverse order!

I approached my granny squares a little differently today. I crocheted as many centers as I could from one ball. I'm not sure this is a good approach for me. I finished the centers for four grannies, but only completed one. I think I prefer finishing an entire granny square before moving on to another!

Mom will love this button ornament! Red is her favorite color. I may have to have a tree filled with red button ornaments for next Christmas.

Yesterday I was able to complete four granny squares. These were completed one at a time, which seems to be a much more productive method for me.

Sunshine yellow was yesterday's button choice. Isn't it a cheerful color?


  1. I’ve had that problem with the order of photos too. Love the ornaments with bright centres, red and yellow are both lovely.

  2. Love the granny ‘round squares’.

  3. Everything looks terrific!!! :)
    You make so much progress I feel terribly lazy, but then again....I am. ;)

  4. The same issue with the photos has happened to me, too. I've gone with selecting photos one at a time.
    Your circle in a square Granny squares are amazing! I've never seen that kind before and seems like a mathematical impossibility! A round peg in a square hole, lol.
    The button ornaments are gorgeous!

  5. Lovely granny squares, and your button ornaments look lovely, I was only thinking its time I revisited the ice drops and button ornaments again


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