Wednesday, April 19, 2023


Granddaughter Sophia is taking archery lessons, and last night during her second lesson she shot a bullseye! I'm very excited for her!

I finally finished my Boomerang scarf in Plymouth Yakima. I started it in late November, but allowed myself to be distracted by crocheted beanies and an afghan. I love the yarn, and I think I'll be keeping this one for myself.

My circle in a square grannies are next to my chair. I've been trying to make one a day.

Some days I make two or more, and other days I don't make any. I think I have 30 now.

We've been having some absolutely gorgeous sunrises. This one was this morning. Sometimes I get a good picture, and other days they turn out blah. Today the picture looks exactly like the sky did!

I love Anne Hanson's patterns, but I seem to collect them rather than knit them. This was one I couldn't resist. It's called Woodstacking. The yarn is Dorset DK from Bare Naked Wools by Knitspot. It's 100% Dorset wool, and it was wonderful to work with. This is another one that I think I will keep for myself!


  1. Oh wow!!! So much productivity!!! I feel like I am falling behind on my projects. ;) Everything looks fabulous!!! :)
    Oh, and that sunrise is so beautiful!! We have had some sunrises(that I have seen) and some sunsets that are fabulous too! :)
    Yay for Sophia!!!! :)

  2. Well done Sophia! Your shawl hits the bullseye too.

  3. I'm interested in your boomerang shawl - what pattern is this? Most have a point in the back but yours has a lovely curve.

    1. It's a free pattern on the Plymouth yarn site:

  4. Lovely scarf, and your granny squares wuill look lovely together when you finish them, Archery can be hard to get the bulls eye so well done to her for getting it.


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